Sleepsutra by Chaitanya Modak  >> Click here to read

Be a Man – How to Kill what you eat in less than thirty seconds (without using a knife) by Chaitanya Modak

Saturday Co-mix

A collection of tales by students of the Maulana Azad School, Dharavi

Presented by the Smile Foundation and The Pomegranate Workshop

Curated & Edited by Wontolla

The Oracle of Tripe  By Chaitanya Modak & Benita Fernando ISBN 9789351563181 Click to read on Helter Skelter Buy digital edition | Amazon

Comics Epidemic
Curated & Edited by Chaitanya Modak
A Dharavi Biennale Publication
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The Parrot’s Tale
By Chaitanya Modak
ISBN 9789351563174
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The manual of Love
By Chaitanya Modak
ISBN 9789351563198
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I’ve got a bike you can ride it if you like 
By Chaitanya Modak
ISBN 9789351563167
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Et Tu Brut
By Chaitanya Modak
ISBN 9789351563150
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