Sleepsutra : A story of all the sleeps you will ever sleep

Sleep is nature’s antidote to the craziness around us, a switch to pull when there’s overload. We spend about a third of our lives in a state which recharges us and keeps us ticking. Nothing can be more refreshing or life-giving than sleep. It’s right up there with the basic needs of any human being. In fact, one can survive without food for up to three months but it is impossible to survive without sleep.

Sleepsutra unravels states of consciousness we drift in and out of from the day we were born. With parents watching over, to sleeping alongside spouses, lovers, companions and friends, to the times we slept by ourselves – all alone, suffering on hospital beds, getting run over on pavements, drifting off in bathtubs to a dangerously drowsy ride on a bike. This is an ode to that sleep – twenty-four adventures under the covers. 

In Sleepsutra, words and pictures are fluid, one begins where the other ends, words form pictures and pictures form words. The book is one foot long and as tall as my middle finger. It comes in two versions – one is black ink on white art paper and the is other white ink on black art paper. It is soft and sensuous to touch and tough enough to whack someone in the head and knock them out.

This book highlights things that happen to us everyday in our dream, waking and sleep states. These incidents have precision and regularity but that does not make them normal. Familiar perhaps, but definitely not normal.

Sleepsutra by Chaitanya Modak

A WonTolla Publication | 2018 | Hardbound | 48 pages | Velvet varnish | Black ink on white art paper Or white Ink on black art paper.

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