Won-Tolla is an author, artist, designer and a small press publisher of Co-Mix.

(Co-Mix is short for ‘Content-Mix’- the act of putting together words and images to make meaning)

A bookmaker interested in the narrative potential of multiple realities – bitter brown, black or blue, Won-Tolla takes bets and publishes original, true-to-life stories.

Won-Tolla makes Artbooks, zines, concrete poetry, and graphic novels and has published eleven works to date.

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Won-Tolla means an outlier… A wolf who hunts outside the pack… my first appearance was in ‘The Jungle Book’ by Rudyard Kipling.

Here is a short video on my work and process

Published Works

2020 | Disturbing

2019 | Make Art. Do we need to?

2018 |  Sleepsutra

2017 | Be a Man: How to kill what you eat without using a knife (in less than 30 seconds)

2017 | Saturday Comix: An anthology of tales by students of the Maulana Azad School, Dharavi

2015 | Comics Epidemic: An Anthology of tales from Dharavi

2013 | The Manual of Love

2013 |  The Oracle of Tripe

2013 |  The Parrot’s Tale

2012 |  I’ve got a bike, you can ride it if you like

2012 | Et Tu Brut


Be a Man! short comic for The Blaft Obliterary Journal Vol-2, Blaft Publications, Chennai, India 2013.

Other Work

In no time, a short comic in the Mid-Day Anniversary Issue, India 2016.

Ladies Bike, a poem featured on the Agents Of Ishq website

Comic strips and Cartoons

“Bhopu” : This daily cartoon strip follows Bhopu a Rickshawwallah as he ferries customers around town. Covering subjects ranging from civic issues, current events and humor in everyday situations. Bhopu’s first appearance was in Loksatta- the highest selling Marathi daily in Mumbai.
“Canter” – A weekly single panel cartoon covering the racing circuits Of Mahalaxmi, Mumbai and the Turf Club, Pune for Riding High from the Indian Express Group
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