All the published Co-Mix

Browse all the Won-Tolla Co-Mix –Artbooks, Zines, Comics, Anthologies, and Graphic novels–published from 2012 to date. Click any cover or title to read or read more about it. Any titles that are for sale have links to digital/print editions underneath the title.

Sleepsutra by Chaitanya Modak  >> Click here to read

Be a Man – How to Kill what you eat in less than thirty seconds (without using a knife) Serigraphs by Chaitanya Modak. Click here to browse the Artbook

Make Art. Do we need to? Scrollable Art Zine. Read more

Disturbing –  A folio of concrete poems
Saturday Co-mix

Curated & Edited by Chaitanya Modak. Presented by the Smile Foundation and The Pomegranate Workshop.

Comics Epidemic
An anthology of tales from Dharavi.

A Dharavi Biennale Publication curated & edited by Chaitanya Modak. 
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The manual of Love
By Chaitanya Modak
ISBN 9789351563198
Magzter | Amazon
The Oracle of Tripe 
By Chaitanya Modak & Benita Fernando
ISBN 9789351563181
Read on Helter Skelter  |
Magzter | Amazon
The Parrot’s Tale
By Chaitanya Modak
ISBN 9789351563174
Magzter | Amazon
Et Tu Brut
By Chaitanya Modak
ISBN 9789351563150

A dog comic book for pet lovers only!

I’ve got a bike you can ride it if you like 
By Chaitanya Modak
ISBN 9789351563167
Magzter| Amazon